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Child Support Attorney in Rock Hill


Most people are aware that raising a child is expensive. In more households than not, both parents are working to provide enough income to pay all the necessary bills, as well as take care of all of the child’s needs. Living in Rock Hill most people do need both incomes take care of that child, and ensure they are getting enough food, clothing, doctor’s visits, and even educational materials. When there is a spilt in the parents, sometimes a parent does not do what they need to in order to care for the child. They are not helping to financially help care for the child. This is when you need to hire a Rock Hill child support attorney. They will help you get a court ordered agreement stating the other parent needs to pay the child support for the child.


David W. Martin Law Group are a family law firm in Rock Hill, who have handled so many different child support cases in their day. With their experience and their compassion, you can get through this difficult time. Getting child support is one of the most important things, you need to ensure that your child has everything they need. David W. Martin Law Group Rock Hill family law firm, can also help you with a child custody case as well if that is something you are needing assistance with.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer from Long Beach

You just got down on one knee, and your significant other just agreed to marry you! This is one of the most exciting and happy times of your life. You might think the next step is for the two of you to begin planning your lavish Long Beach wedding, but in reality, what your next step should be is to look into a prenuptial agreement. When you ask someone to marry you, you assume it is a forever thing, and you do not get married with the intentions of getting divorced. And just because you and your significant other talk about getting a prenuptial agreement does not mean you are destined for failure. Harris Family Law Group are a family law firm serving the Long Beach area, who can help you draft a great prenuptial agreement.


A prenuptial agreement is more of a safety net incase a divorce does happen; best case scenario you never need the prenuptial agreement that you had drafted up. But in the unfortunate event of a divorce, having a prenuptial agreement is the best option for making things go more smoothly. Harris Family Law Group are a Long Beach family law firm who can help you during the whole process. One of the biggest pieces of advice you can be given, is to talk to your fiancé about getting a prenuptial agreement as soon as possible, you do not want to spring this on them a month before your wedding. You also want to have time to plan your agreement. A Long Beach prenuptial agreement lawyer will be able to craft a prenuptial agreement that fits what both of you need.