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We all need family law attorneys services at one time or the other, whether married or single, parent or child we face situations that warrants the intervention of a family law attorney. In general terms family law is a division of law that focuses on governing domestic disputes and encompasses provision of legal advice, services and information on matters of marriage, divorce, child custody and support, inheritance, spousal support and matters of adoption law.

Family law attorneys are contracted to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals within the family setup, although family related legal matters might also apply to non-married couples provided that a legal relationship between the disputing parties is established.

Some of the common issues family law attorneys such as ‘Lavinsky Law’ deal with include addressing division of property and payment of spousal support when a married couple separates or divorce. Determining what the best interest of a child is when the parents separate. Domestic violence is another issue family law attorneys deal with although in some instances it is considered as a criminal wrongdoing and hence a matter for the criminal courts.

There are different types of interventions when it comes to matters of family disputes, for instance when a child or children are involved, the first option is for the parents to settle the dispute out of court, if this proves impossible the second option is for the matter to be handled and adjudicated by a family court. In the unlikely event that this option also fails then the couples are advised to address their dispute through the help of an independent third-party usually referred to as the mediator.

Some family law attorneys choose to specialize in a particular type of family law such as rights of same sex couples, issues of foster care, and other non-litigious ways of resolving family disputes.

You can contact our Lavinsky Law Firm for legal assistance with your family issues and disputes.

Save your money with sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is full of a variety of businesses and professionals of every rank and file. This amazing large city sprawls over Southern California and offers a world of opportunity to anyone looking to make a living. Finding work and starting a job in a huge city like Los Angeles comes with the feeling of success and the satisfaction of finally having arrived at your destination only to begin your next great journey. Unwrapping your mind and letting your creativity loose for your company to benefit from can be the most rewarding part of being a professional.


With the new feeling of a great career that is underway, having someone you work with cause you to feel uncomfortable at work can cause the feeling that comes with a hostile work environment. This can especially be the case when the workplace is filled with sexual advances toward you that you feel you didn’t ask for or create. Even though a workplace is supposed to be gender neutral, some who are supposed to be professionals seem to think it is a playground for them to advance upon others in a sexual way, especially if they hold a higher position and can offer certain rewards for dates or sex.


When you have become the victim of sexual harassment it makes going to work difficult and often causes you to change the way you look, creating a complete victim person for you. The truth is you don’t need to be the victim; instead, you need to take a stand and hire the leading Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer to fight for you. The firm you need by your side is the professionals at Russakow & Tan who will take on your case and give you a strong voice against sexual harassment so you can have justice served on your behalf.


Russakow & Tan offers their expertise and leading services to you so your case can be handled quickly and with the most positive result possible. They stand out from the crowd in many ways, one of them being a focus on value over billable hours. This helps you to know they are results oriented and not working to simply suck you dry of the money you do have. Russakow & Tan also offers a strong professional relationship for you to take advantage of. Their reputation with the courts and other attorneys helps them reach better agreements and bring your case to a close with a positive result much faster than many of the other attorneys in Los Angeles.


It’s hard enough to be the “new kid in town” and when you have just started to find yourself the victim of sexual harassment makes things much worse. Let the best Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP handle your case and give you the best result possible. Knowing Russakow & Tan is on the case creates a frenzy among opposing counsel who will typically suggest the company settle the case out of court and meet your terms. You can feel vindicated having the experience and professionalism Russakow & Tan offers you. You will know justice has been served on your behalf and you can once again begin with confidence.

Truck Accident Attorneys Manassas

A truck accident is a thing that may occur due to a variety of reasons. They may range from a driver who in a hurry, to an overloaded truck, to overtaking from the side that is wrong to negligence in viewing blind spots. In case you are a victim an accident caused by truck and have suffered injuries, you must consult Truck Accident Attorneys Manassas to have your compensation.

Mostly, accidents truck results to very severe consequences, like grave injuries and at times even death. There is also the financial aspect regarding property loss. The advice and expertise of Truck Accident Attorneys will be good as well as suitable for a victim as attorney got the complete knowledge regarding the rules, laws as well as norms governing such a situation. An accident lawyer Manassas can correctly advise you as to what is the worth of your case.

As the process is long and quite complex, you should give thorough consideration before you settle for the attorney. Make sure that the person you choose is experienced enough accidents of trucks. He should belligerent to standing against the truck firm John D. Whittington, PC.

Personal Injury Attorney Las Cruces

A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who is in the position to provide assistance to victims and get compensation as a result of mishaps or accidents. Victims will be benefited a lot if they take guidance from a personal injury attorney who has dealt with cases related to personal injury. The cost of services provided by the lawyer will, of course, be paid by the victim but the rates charged by the lawyer are based on specific cases and seriousness of the wounds. Normally initial talks with personal injury attorney are free.
A good personal injury attorney Las Cruces is available to help in case you meet with an accident. You could be the victim of the car, bus or a truck accident. You may also meet an accident at your place of work, industrial or development sites. Whatever is the cause or type of accident, personal injury attorney is adequately trained to help in different kinds of cases. If you get injured in an accident, he is the right person to advise you to take suitable action against the person concerned and also for getting proper remuneration.
He is a lawyer having adequate knowledge of laws related to injuries and also civil rights. He can easily understand and appreciate the seriousness of the case and victim and can take appropriate action against those whose negligence had caused the incidence. If injuries to the victim have occurred due to someone’s negligence, action can be taken against him. Whatever is the cause of injuries and whoever is responsible for it, the lawyer finds out relevant issues and takes suitable action against them. if you need one of the best personal injury attorney Las Cruces, you should start by Harmonson Law Firm, P.C. and you won’t regret.

The Roles Of A Child Support Enforcement Agency.

It is never easy to engage people who are unwilling to meet their obligations. This is what has seen many abandoned or single parents end up with immense stress as they struggle to bring up their children. The good news, however, is that you do not have to do this alone. Both parents of the child are required by law to make contributions towards the children’s support. However, even with this option, there are times when maintenance collection is not accessible.

For child support collection to be put in place, the whereabouts of the missing parent must be found first to remind them of their obligations. This step is what causes the most difficulties. If the neglectful parent has run away leaving and is purposefully hiding to avoid their responsibility it is almost impossible to try to locate them and handle the whole process as a private individual. This is what compels the needs of many to get support from a child support enforcement agency.

The development of these companies and The Law Firm for Family Law has been driven by the difficulty of the responsible parent, and it is usually mothers, have when it comes to child support collection. The firm is hence there to offer the required support that will help achieve the desired goals in a successful way. Collection agencies have a profound understanding of the difficulties mothers face when it comes to child support collection and will ensure that every need is addressed to ensure adequate support. There are three significant ways in which child support enforcement agencies can help.Clearwater child support attorneys from The Law Firm for Family Law are here to help you.

Personal injury attorney los angeles

If you are wondering what exactly a personal injury attorney los angeles does, he has the expertise in getting you a compensation in case you have met with an accident. The important thing about the accident is that it has to be caused by the negligence of a third person. In case you fall victim to an injury or accident that has resulted due to the irresponsible and erratic behavior of someone else, you have every right to go ahead and claim for the damages. Your personal injury attorney from Custodio & Dubey, LLP is the person who will guide you through the entire process and make sure that you emerge victorious.


Claiming compensation is not as easy as it sounds. It has a lot of legal complexities involved. You have to establish the fact in court that the accident has indeed been caused by someone else. If you are not able to provide evidence, you will not be able to file the lawsuit.



Your personal injury attorney from Custodio & Dubey, LLP will take the entire onus on himself to collect the evidence as well as manage the huge amount of paperwork. The best thing about these professionals is that they have an expertise in this particular field. They are well informed about the recent changes in the law and have a lot of idea regarding the various loopholes that can prove favorable for their clients. Jumping into a legal battle without the assistance of a personal injury attorney los angeles is definitely not a good idea. In case you plan to do so, be prepared to lose the case as well as a lot of money in the process.


Get the best motorcycle accident attorney from Law Offices of Charney & Roberts LLC.

Injured in Motorcycle accident? Searching for good Motorcycle Accident attorney in Linden, NJ? This article will help you a lot. Motorcycle accident attorney is the motorcycle accident victim’s first stop for the legal assistance, advice and information. If you or your love one has been involved in the motorcycle accident and if sustained injury, death or property damage, can contact to motorcycle accident attorney as early as possible as there are time limit to file a lawsuit.

When filing a claim of motorcycle accident with the insurance company, you have put signature of acceptance on special release. Before you sign on it thoroughly read the release by your attorney so that you can understand all the terms mentioned in the release. Filing a claim quickly is the most important. Longer you wait to file the claim, the longer period it take to get money from insurance company. For this you need assistance from specialist such as Motorcycle Accident Attorney. They will provide you legal advice regarding the case. They will help you to file a lawsuit for getting the claim wise regarding the motorcycle accident from the proper parties such as insurance company and third party.

There are number of motorcycle accident attorney those are in practice but good Motorcycle accident attorney are limited. Good lawyers are always working for a better good of injured and victims. Good advice starts with good motorcycle Law Offices of Charney & Roberts LLC. Seeking for good, qualified, experienced motorcycle accident attorney is the first duty of close relatives of victims. Without the assistance from Law Offices of Charney & Roberts LLC it seems difficult to file a lawsuit and get the compensations from insurance company or their party. Selection of right attorney leads to success of case and good compensation from the third party and from insurance company.

chapter 11 bankruptcy

It is the Chapter 11 bankruptcy law that allows businesses to seek the same protection and relief that individuals have a right to under the Federal bankruptcy statues. Any business entity, whether a large corporation, a small partnership or even a one-man sole proprietorship, can file under Chapter 11 in order to have their debts reorganized.

The Chapter 11 law requires that the business filing for brokeness, must provide full financial disclosure to the bankruptcy court. This means that the organization, or their attorney, must provide a complete and detailed list of all of the company’s assets, all of the liabilities and a complete statement of the financial status and affairs of the entity. Eric Ollason, Attorney at Law will help you in these issues.

Unlike other types of bankruptcies, according to Chapter 11 law, the debtor is able to act as his own trustee. In Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, the court appoints a trustee.

When a debtor acts as a trustee in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it is known as a “debtor in possession” because the trustee maintains possession of the property. However, the court is able to appoint a different trustee to the case if there is just cause shown, such as in the case of mismanagement of the business entity.

After approximately one month from the time that filing for bankruptcy took place, the business and their bankruptcy attorney attend a meeting with the various creditors of the entity. According to Chapter 11 bankruptcy law, the company also is required to submit monthly activity reports that show the company’s income and expenses. These reports are also summarized in the form of a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement for the period.

Violent Crime Today

Most families living today are aware of the threat of violence. In fact, it’s hard to turn on the news these days without hearing about a recent Lotze Mosley LLP violent crime. Cases of assault, rape, and murder make the headlines from coast to coast. On the other hand, many people think that such cases are overblown, and the risk of becoming the victim of a violent crime is actually lower than the media would have us believe. Just how common is violent crime today?

There are four major offenses considered to be violent crimes. These include murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. In addition to these four categories of violent crimes, there are also other crimes, such as robbery, that may turn violent. The broad definition of a violent crime is any crime that uses violence or a threat of violence.

Now that you are aware of these statistics, what can you do to protect yourself from becoming one? As the realization that no one is immune from such violence sinks in, more and more people are turning to self defense devices as a way to protect themselves and their family members. If you should find yourself in a potentially violent situation, wouldn’t you want to be able to protect yourself. Washington D.C. Criminal defense attorneys from Lotze Mosley LLP are here to help you.

Do You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer?

Automobile accidents occur every day; some of these accidents are fender benders, but others may cause more damage. Usually, small fender benders are resolved between drivers with the exchange of auto insurance information. However, more accidents deal with physical injuries, car damage and sometimes death. It is these events that require an auto accident lawyer . A lawyer can help resolve compensation issues between drivers together with Fox & Fox Law Corporation firm.

If you have been in a car accident that has caused physical damage to the automobile, physical injury to any passengers or death, then you may need an auto accident lawyer to help you recover any lost wages from work. You may also need to pay for medical bills and car repairs. An auto accident lawyer Sherman Oaks can help with all the legal paperwork and get you the compensation you deserve. Sometimes these matters are not easily resolved, so it is important to have a professional take care of any issues and help with the decision making of settlements and such.

There are many types of auto accident lawyers, and it is important for the client to pick the right one to represent their case. Personal injury, death, motorcycle and property destruction are a few specialties within the field. A specialized auto accident attorney will know all the ins and outs of how to deal with your case and get you everything you deserve. Auto accidents can cost a lot of money, but an attorney should only collect his fees if you win. This contingency is popular among attorneys and their clients.

Whether your case involves a physical injury or your car has been totaled due to an accident, it is a good idea to hire an auto accident lawyer Sherman Oaks to deal with paperwork and compensation. If you are a victim, then your medical bills, car repair and lost time from work should be given to you. Victims of car accidents should contact an accident attorney as soon as possible. Any pictures and detailed information should be given to the lawyer so that he can have the best chance of winning the case for you.