Auto Accident Attorney in Sherman Oaks

Since the last substantial changes were approved in Rc Auto (on the subject of Sherman Oaks direct compensation), problems have arisen regarding the summons in direct compensation.  Fox and Fox Personal Injury Attorneys are a Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm. In fact, it may happen that in the event of a road accident , even if the person who committed the damage manifests itself as responsible for the accident, one can be summoned by the counterparty because the compensation is not considered fair by the injured party. Hiring a Sherman Oaks auto accident attorney for your accident case. The cost of insurance tariffs has grown exponentially over the years, also as a result of the equally large increase in compensation for damages relating to accidents reported by motorists.


Already in 2007 the legislator introduced the possibility of direct compensation for the damage by the company of the damaged party, a figure that was refused by the insurance of the injurer with an amount equivalent to the average cost of the claims established by the "clearing house", a special intermediary body.

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