Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Kentucky

Disputes about medical errors focus on such important values ​​as human health and life. The patient may sue the doctor before a civil court, make a complaint to the prosecutor's office about committing a crime, as well as submit a complaint to the medical professional's spokesperson. This, in turn, initiates proceedings before the medical court.


Currently, patients quite often use the judgments of criminal courts and medical courts as well as evidence collected in these proceedings (including expert opinions) for proceedings before a civil court. Many years of court proceedings do not always result in a positive decision for the plaintiff (ie a doctor or a medical entity). This puts not only before the doctors but also before the management staff, new challenges related to the assessment of these matters. Legal aid for doctors covers many aspects of work in health care and related problems. Hance & Srinivasan, PLLC is a personal injury law firm helping those in Lousiville.


A Louisville legal adviser or attorney who knows the medical law well and knows how to use it in practice is an opportunity for the defendant doctor for medical errors. Often they are the result of chance, not neglect or lack of appropriate knowledge. A Louisville medical malpractice lawyer represents a physician both before a professional and civil court. Proceeding before a medical court also applies to medical facilities, therefore one of the support areas offered by the law firm is legal aid for clinics.

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