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We all need family law attorneys services at one time or the other, whether married or single, parent or child we face situations that warrants the intervention of a family law attorney. In general terms family law is a division of law that focuses on governing domestic disputes and encompasses provision of legal advice, services and information on matters of marriage, divorce, child custody and support, inheritance, spousal support and matters of adoption law.

Family law attorneys are contracted to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals within the family setup, although family related legal matters might also apply to non-married couples provided that a legal relationship between the disputing parties is established.

Some of the common issues family law attorneys such as ‘Lavinsky Law’ deal with include addressing division of property and payment of spousal support when a married couple separates or divorce. Determining what the best interest of a child is when the parents separate. Domestic violence is another issue family law attorneys deal with although in some instances it is considered as a criminal wrongdoing and hence a matter for the criminal courts.

There are different types of interventions when it comes to matters of family disputes, for instance when a child or children are involved, the first option is for the parents to settle the dispute out of court, if this proves impossible the second option is for the matter to be handled and adjudicated by a family court. In the unlikely event that this option also fails then the couples are advised to address their dispute through the help of an independent third-party usually referred to as the mediator.

Some family law attorneys choose to specialize in a particular type of family law such as rights of same sex couples, issues of foster care, and other non-litigious ways of resolving family disputes.

You can contact our Lavinsky Law Firm for legal assistance with your family issues and disputes.

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